Training Times

NAVMAT Dragons train often, both on the water and off.  Monday mornings, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Friday Mornings and two sessions on Saturday.

Scheduled Training

Monday Morning:   0545  squad on water training in Summer and 0625 all in exercise session until 0700.

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings:  5:45pm
On water training. Warm ups,  technique, races 200m and 500m and endurance, warm downs. Time: Approximately an hour and a half

Friday Mornings: 0625 – a half hour weight training session – by the ladk

Saturday: 0715 Squad on water training in Summer.

Saturday:  Winter : 0830 and Summer: 0840  Coffee run beginners: Warm ups, technique, splash and giggle, coffee, races and home. Time: Approximately two hours

Any time:  Self paced and directed. Erg Machine, jog, sit-ups, push-ups, weights, burpees etc. Just ask and we will link you up with other keen members. All extra training is included in your membership.

You determine your commitment. In NAVMAT we have a range of paddlers from Australian Champions to beginners. We welcome every standard of fitness and social  paddlers (usually 1 to 2 sessions per week) are very welcome as well.

Warning: Paddle with us and you will get Stronger, Fitter and Leaner.

There will be times when the coach will expect more time on the water training and this commitment request depends on what events are occurring and your availability.

For example there is a build up of training from November onwards in preparation for the Australia Championships in March.

ACT Fires representatives in April 2017 in Albury