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Dragon Boat

Racing Club

Interested?  Come and join us to experience the thrill of dragon boating at one of our basic  training sessions, which occur every Saturday morning, year round, on Lake Burley Griffin, Lotus Bay Yarralumla.

Whatever your current fitness standard is we are happy to assist you to improve. Our friendly coaches will show you the basics of paddling in a dragon boat racing team.

Join the fun

 Who's in the Boat

Most dragon boats have 10 benches for 20 paddlers. There are also smaller boats that seat 10 paddlers.

The SWEEP stands at the back with the sweep oar to control the direction of the boat. The sweep controls the boat and crew and all their instructions must be adhered to. The sweep is responsible for balancing the boat, the safety of all paddlers and the safe management of the boat while on the water.

A COACH may sit at the front of the boat to conduct the session and give feedback and instructions for technique development.

Sometimes the role of sweep and coach is managed by one person.

Paddlers are expected to listen carefully to the sweep and coach at all times and keep incidental chatter to a minimum.

You will learn the various commands given during paddling which direct what the paddlers need to do.

During regattas there is also a drummer at the front who supports the pace of the paddling and calls encouragement to the team.