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Dragon Boat

Racing Club

Interested?  Come and join us to experience the thrill of dragon boating at one of our basic  training sessions, which occur every Saturday morning, year round, on Lake Burley Griffin, Lotus Bay Yarralumla.

Whatever your current fitness standard is we are happy to assist you to improve. Our friendly coaches will show you the basics of paddling in a dragon boat racing team.

Join the fun


We are committed to ensuring that all members are informed of club news and events, both local and interstate (and sometimes international). To assist in effective planning of all activities, we have 2 primary forms of communication:

  1. The Navmat Activity Spreadsheet – this is a Google hosted spreadsheet that lists members’ planned attendance at training, regattas etc. Your commitment to keeping this up to date greatly assists in planning, especially for regattas, as team nominations are based on this information. If you have any problems with the spreadsheet you can email or call any of the organising group. We also have a Guide to using the spreadsheet which we can send you.

  2. Emails – we aim to keep the number of emails to a minimum, but this is sometimes unavoidable if important information needs to be sent out. You are encouraged to read every Navmat email sent to you as it often contains things you need to know or respond to. The planning of any event is made much harder for organisers when emails are not attended to, so they appreciate your support in this.

       3. Other

           Sometimes messages may be shared at coffee stops or training sessions, however
           they are always backed up by emails or spreadsheet updates so please keep an
           eye on these.   

Contact information - If you change your email address, emergency contact or other contact details, please advise the membership officer as soon possible.