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Dragon Boat

Racing Club

Interested?  Come and join us to experience the thrill of dragon boating at one of our basic  training sessions, which occur every Saturday morning, year round, on Lake Burley Griffin, Lotus Bay Yarralumla.

Whatever your current fitness standard is we are happy to assist you to improve. Our friendly coaches will show you the basics of paddling in a dragon boat racing team.

Join the fun



The regatta season runs from September to April and racing dates are decided by the DBACT organising committee. The venue is Grevillea Park in Barton. Regattas generally start at 8am and finish by 2pm. Races include a 2km turning race, 500m races and 200m races. The program for each regatta is determined by the regatta committee.

Navmat paddlers are asked to indicate their intentions for participation on the Navmat Spreadsheet as early as possible and to meet cut -off dates for entries. This enables the Navmat regatta organisers to work out team configurations and which races we will enter. This is not a simple task but is definitely made easier when the spreadsheet is accurate. Your attention to this is much appreciated.

Participation in regattas is open to all and you will feel the benefits of regular training when you are racing in a team. No minimum training attendance is mandated but when selecting representative teams, the coaches may give preference to those who attend training regularly and demonstrate performance improvement.

Depending on numbers it is sometimes not possible for individuals to be listed in multiple events at regattas and every effort is made to give everyone a fair share. Navmat is very proud of its participation rate in regattas which is currently an impressive 50%.

From time to time paddlers may need to leave regattas early for personal commitments so notifying the organisers beforehand is a courtesy. Teams cannot be changed once the regatta starts so unanticipated departures can affect the team adversely. 


Navmat members also often volunteer for support roles at regattas such as:

  1. The preparation and loading of the boats at Lotus Bay at 6am and returning them at the end of the day.

  2. Other roles include set-up and pack down at Grevillea Park, time keeping, boat wrangling and team marshalling duties. These are not hard to do and ensure the successful running of these complex events. They are also an opportunity for new members to get an understanding of how regattas are run and to meet the other clubs’ members.

  3. Navmat is proud of its record in providing volunteers for each of these events.

On the Sundays after a regatta, Navmat has a ‘recovery paddle’ at 8.30am which is a gentle recovery session accompanied by a coffee stop. Attendance at these is optional.